About Function Promoting Therapies

Function Promoting Therapies, LLC, and Tesvgen, the commercialization arm of FPT, LLC, were established in 2012. The company’s goals are to provide:

  • Advanced diagnostic algorithms that improve accuracy in the diagnosis of male reproductive disorders

  • Enabling tools to enhance compliance and improve treatment outcomes for male reproductive disorders

  • Advanced tools for dosimetry to optimize testosterone therapy

FPT has focused its initial efforts at developing the TruT product line and its Men’s Health franchise. The Company strives to innovate at a high level, maintain our access to academic research and pre-eminence in this content area, and to optimally balance research and commercial success.

We are based in the heart of Boston within reach of some of the most renowned endocrine research and clinical centers in the world. Our research partners are spread throughout USA and we have research ties with leading institutions in Europe. These networks provide us the opportunity to share and validate our findings and enable us to leverage from a global palette of resources.

Our access to a network of academic experts at leading academic institutions also means that we are in tune with the upcoming changes in treatment patterns or recommendation of professional societies.

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